• Joe Frazzette

Thought, Belief, Conviction, Action!

The Hypnotic Formula consists of these four simple steps. One step leads to the next and the command of all four steps will lead you to become master of your life. So I ask you; in what direction are you moving? If you don’t like the direction in which your life is moving, make a bold move to learn the benefits of the Hypnotic Formula and the simple practice of self-hypnosis. You will be empowered to immediately change course in a way that serves you. The subconscious mind is a servo mechanism that will deliver what is asked of it. Learning to re-program your subconscious mind is the key to becoming the commander of your servo-mechanism and living your life in the best way you see fit. This is your life, take control of it now!

Use your imagination and start to envision what you want to create for yourself. Envision that crystal clear image through thought, which is the first step of the Hypnotic Formula. As you move that thought into a belief and then tie emotion to it in the form of conviction, you have the three essential elements to command your subconscious mind. These are the first three steps in the Hypnotic Formula. All that’s left is the fourth step, take action toward creating amazing results! Achieving them is inevitable because we are the creators of our lives. We just need to understand how to harness the creative genius that exists within each one of us. Do this by mastering the four step process I call the Hypnotic Formula!

In short, you have always held the power to create an amazing life. Now you can access the tools to create a new, positive direction that will lead to that life. Move in the direction of your new positive thoughts, by reprogramming your subconscious mind. Do this with the four steps of the Hypnotic Formula and the repetitive, effective use of self-hypnosis. Your life will become one of amazing results. You will live in joy, happiness, and splendor because you will have uncovered the secret to controlling the world around you. In doing so, you will realize it all begins by controlling the world within you first. And now you have understanding and the means to do just that!

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