• Joe Frazzette

Subconscious Mastery of Life

Every man’s potential is limited only by his lack of subconscious mastery. Through the use of hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion, people can control their appetite, go without sleeping, impact their production on the job, develop better memory or study habits, and gain greater self-confidence. And these are just a few of the things people can create for themselves with the use of the ‘Hypnotic Formula’ and the process of self-hypnosis. Understand this fact; all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Anything a hypnotist can do for you, you can actually do for yourself. It is nothing more than imagining what you will create and then developing your own hypnotic suggestion. This is the first step of the ‘Hypnotic Formula’, thought. Now it is important to note here that you have to have belief and conviction, which are the next two steps of the ‘Hypnotic Formula’. It is through the belief that you will begin to reinforce the thought you created in step one. Conviction, the third step of the ‘Hypnotic Formula’ is then melded into the mix with an emotional attachment to the original thought. It is through this third step in the Hypnotic Formula that you will move the original thought into the subconscious mind. The reason being, your subconscious mind is the feeling mind.

Then over repeated hypnotic sessions, while in the hyper-relaxed state of hypnosis, the image you created in the original thought becomes embedded in your subconscious mind. Thus, it becomes the blueprint for your subconscious mind to manifest. The new patterns of thought and action will take precedence over old thought habits and action habits and a new pattern of behavior is developed. This new pattern of behavior leads us to the final step in the Hypnotic Formula, Action.

Action is the key to successful execution of the ‘Hypnotic Formula’. It is through the action you take that real transformative results are created. Once the image has been planted in the subconscious mind, it is the action you take that will determine your ultimate results. This is the step in which some people will come off the rails. If the first result is not the exact result they expected, they stop. You must realize that the process of creating change through the use of the ‘Hypnotic Formula’ is indeed a process. The steps need to be repeated over and over until they are so engrained, there is no other way for you to act.

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