• Joe Frazzette

Hypnosis, and Mastering the Subconscious

If someone told you that you could create a life of your dreams and imagination just by mastering the subconscious mind, would you believe him? Well I am here to tell you it is absolutely possible! Few people realize this, but through the mastery of the Hypnotic Formula and consistent practice of self-hypnosis, you can become the master of your life. Creating anything from mere thoughts is where it all begins. You see, thoughts are the start of all things. The first rule of the mind is “all things begin in thought.” This is the first step to the Hypnotic Formula, as well. For it’s in our imagination that we create the image that will become the blueprint for the subconscious mind, to then create or manifest that image in the physical world.

Hypnosis has long been considered taboo by some, but in more recent years it has become much more main stream. One reason for that is an entire industry of self-help professionals that have elevated our understanding of the power of our mind. Through some of these experts we have been schooled in the benefits of ‘self-hypnosis’ and how we as individuals can create transformative results if only we learn to harness the power that lies between our ears… in the form of our subconscious mind. Yes, it is in the subconscious where our behavior is shaped in the form of thought habits and action habits.

You see, the thoughts that have been embedded in our subconscious mind, whether planted there by someone else or our self, are the blueprint for our behavior in the physical world. With acquired mastery of the subconscious mind, we can therefore replace those images with new ones that will have an impact on the way we behave. The process that I call the ‘Hypnotic Formula’ is the simple four step method that anyone can use to completely transform their life by changing their behavior at the subconscious level. By utilizing the four-step ‘Hypnotic Formula’, along with regular sessions of self-hypnosis, an individual can learn to reprogram their behavior and begin to create a life of their own dreams, rather than just make a living… or worse yet, let life kick you like a can down the road.

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