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Coming Soon 'Master or Servant'

I am excited to present my second novel, Master or Servant. This will be available soon via Amazon and available in e-book as well.

Below is an exerpt from the novel.

As the crowd roared with applause one more time he gives them a big wave of his hand, he mouths another thank you for their participation and generous applause and then turns and walks off stage. David slips through the crowd and heads for the tables loaded with the wares to be sold in the rear of the theater. This was the opportunity he had come for and he didn’t want to jeopardize his potential for meeting with Doctor Paul. This was a man he believed possessed a power that not only intrigued him, but had such an effect on him in a short period time that he had become extremely focused for the first time in his life. The change happened so quickly and was so evident that if he had been on the outside looking in, he would hardly recognize himself.

The crowd gathered around and formed lines in front of the table where the master hypnotist would soon appear to sell his materials. David decided to hang back a bit and attempt to be one of the last to purchase in hopes he would get some time to converse with Doctor Paul about the skill he had mastered. A few minutes went by before Jefferson Paul arrived and greeted the crowd with a warm hello and a loud clap of his hands. Some in the crowd wondered if he had attempted to ‘put the spell on them’ with the loud clap, but it quickly became evident nobody was being hypnotized. He was only expressing gratitude for the folks who came back to meet with him to purchase his wares. Several minutes went by as he greeted members of the audience and sold CD’s, DVD’s, and books to all the interested and curious people. Finally, after about fifteen minutes had passed, most of the crowd had dissipated and David stepped up to the table to meet Doctor Paul. He put out his hand and introduced himself, all the while keeping his eyes locked on the master.

“How do you do, I’m David Christian.”

With a smile and a piercing look into David’s eyes Doctor Paul responded.

“How do I do what David?”

copyright 2015 - Joe Frazzette

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