• Joe Frazzette

Love for All Seasons

BROOKE by A.D. Cook

art: SPRING by A.D. Cook

Thank you to my good friend A.D. Cook for the use of his fine art to help depict a vision for my work below.

This is poem I wrote some time ago. I usually develop a vivid picture in my mind of the subject or character I am writing about. It's a process I go through when writing novels. In this case, it is a poem to my one true love... Yukari. My heart belongs to her.

In the winter’s biting cold I reach for your body to hold To warm my soul and comfort me Change my dismal gloom to glee You are my love for all seasons

When the spring has sprung Baby, you know you’re the one Flowers so colorful and bright I long for you in the cool of the night You are my love for all seasons

In the summer’s warm glow Only memories of the winter’s snow Always keep my heart in tow And let me forever be your beau You are my love for all seasons

The fall leaves change their color As your love continues to hover The cool night air dissipates my despair I know you’ll always be there

You are my love for all seasons


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