• Joe Frazzette

America’s Great Pastime

Springtime and baseball... I have always been a big baseball fan, it's pure Americana, with no time limits and plenty of the stimulants I have described below. This was a little poem I felt inspired to write one spring training.

There really is nothing like going out and being a part of the crowd...

At the Old Ballgame!

The smell of fresh popcorn and hot dogs

Deep green perfectly groomed infield

Cropped green checkered outfield

Red brick dust on the base paths

Bright white lines outline the field of play

Popping sound of catcher’s mitt in the bullpen

Cracking of the bat from the batting cage

Clicking sound of steal cleats on the dugout’s concrete floor

Stadium lights glowing from a distance

Home team’s bright whites

Visiting team’s solid grays

Storied franchise’s with winning traditions

And then there are the Cubbies

Crowd buzzing with anticipation

Stadium vendors pitching treats

This is America’s great pastime

This is baseball

Play Ball!

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