• Joe Frazzette

In the Air


art: ​BREEZE by A.D. Cook

Thank you A.D Cook for the use of your wonderful art. Breeze depicts a vision similiar to my own when I developed the poem below, In the Air. Everything in the physical world is in and around us, in the form of thought or spirit. This is captured in both the words below and the piece A.D. has lent to this post.

Love comes And love goes But don’t despair Love is always In the air

Words spoken Provoke emotion But don’t despair Words are always In the air

Smells dance and stimulate Then softly dissipate But don’t despair Smells are always In the air

Beauty awes and beholds And then beauty unfolds But don’t despair Beauty is always In the air

Life begins And life ends But don’t despair Life is always In the air


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