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Long Term Plan

I have found that writing fiction is a wonderful avenue for me to not only create interesting stories, but to also delve into those parts of my own psyche that I have a desire to explore further. I accomplish this demonstrably, and with open mind, through the process of character development. My primary objective is to create characters that have the ability to drive a story which is both intriguing and captivating to my intended audience.

Secondly, when I set out to write a story, I do so with the intention of developing a plot intended to absorb or attract the reader into the world I have created around my key characters. If my readers can identify with certain characters in my stories and find the plots enthralling, I will have done what I believe every fiction writer intends to accomplish. I will have captured their attention to the degree they will want to continue reading because the story is driving an emotional response in them, and that I believe is ultimately what every fiction writer wishes to achieve.

My long term plan to succeed in publishing my novels includes the utilization of multiple strategies to open opportunities quickly with sound professional advice and expertise. Each book I put into the marketplace is designed professionally and has a look as if it had been produced by a traditional publisher. My purpose is to deliver a product that has both visual appeal as well as a sound storyline with solid, real-life characters.

My marketing strategy is two-fold. The first step is to utilize the internet and self publishing avenues to create awareness and build an audience for my work. The second piece is to utilize the traditional avenues with a publisher, and for that, I will seek representation. Included in the first step of my marketing strategy, I will build a website that will include my initial work and this will continue to grow as I develop and publish multiple novels and potential franchises. I will have all my social media pointed to the website and the website will link to Amazon so that my readership can obtain hard copies or e-books, whichever is their preference.

The second strategy I intend to implement will include gaining representation for traditional publishing opportunities, as well as possible licensing for film and/or television production. While I am launching my work in the self publishing environment, I will also seek an agent to market my work to various publishing companies, as well as production companies in the television and film industries.

The final part in my long term plan is to open myself to collaboration for the development of novels with a particular storyline that may be appealing to a publishers target audience. I will also make myself available in some instances, to work and collaborate as a ghost writer, with individuals who may have a desire to utilize my writing style in an effort to tell their own story. My ultimate goal is to always create novels which will encompass a variety of themes that showcase my creativity and flexibility in developing stories that crossover various genre and subject matter.


Joe Frazzette, fiction writer

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