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What is that drives someone to achieve greatness, while others wander aimlessly, without purpose, through the days of their lives? This was just one of the many questions Joe Frazzette pondered for several years while he pursued answers, as well as the knowledge he would ultimately need to guide him through difficult times. Never relenting, Joe sought the wisdom of some of the well-known masters in the industry of self-help and self-realization. He absorbed as much as he could, in all that he read and listened to.

The turning point for him occurred when he met a master hypnotist, who became his good friend and mentor. Doctor Dave Hill helped guide Joe through the study of the mind. He revealed the power each individual possesses if and when they learn to master their thoughts and actions through a process he called the Hypnotic Formula. Joe applied this technique to his own life and realized his own personal power as he began to create significant transformations. He still uses this process as a means to create positive results in his life today. Frequently taking time to go into that quiet space, defined as a hypnotic state, Joe uses it as a tool to create.

Having greatly benefited from the wisdom he gained as a result of his friendship with Doctor Hill, Joe decided to share his own experience in a novella he wrote and titled “Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula.” He has also developed a supplemental course for others seeking to learn the basic steps of this formula. The focus of his course is two-fold. He reveals the Twelve Rules of the Mind, as he maps out the Hypnotic Formula. It is simple and well constructed for those interested learning the basic skills needed to harness the power of their own mind. With the wisdom and practical application Joe conveys, his students will have the tools necessary to create the kind of change he has experienced, in their own lives.

Passion to help others and a purpose to bring this understanding to as many seekers as possible, are what drives Joe toward his mission in life. He not only wants to help students meet the challenges of their daily lives, Joe is committed to continuing his development of more courses that will reveal the internal powers that each of us possesses. His intention to remain focused on supplying his students with written works and courses that teach them to master the power they already hold will benefit them as they pursue and achieve their highest potential.

Joe Frazzette, author, mentor, speaker

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