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Deadly Slumber by Joe Frazzette


David’s life had unraveled as he struggled with the loss of Tina. But he managed to recapture the power he had within himself after spending a month in rehabilitation. David then took his business beyond a level of success he had previously experienced. However, through it all, he still had an unsettled feeling inside. David is left with an empty feeling as if something is missing in his life.
Sakuri accepted his apology but left him with an unfulfilled desire to recapture the love they once felt for each other. David takes on a difficult client and his inability to experience success leaves him questioning his path in life. His purpose seems to be waning. Questioning his gifts, he consults Jefferson and decides to leave on a quest to find his life’s true intention.

While in Kyoto, Japan, David visits some of the world’s oldest temples, shrines, and gardens. It is there that he has his first awakening, and also meets another mentor. David is schooled by the wise man to approach life in a new way. In the end, David has an experience in the old capital city of Japan that leads to his awakened state and vaults him in the direction of his life’s divine purpose.


Master or Servant, book 3


by Joe Frazzette


Awaken to Life's Purpose

paperback: 282 pages

kindle available


ISBN: : 1973743612


Paperback Edition: $14.99

Kindle Edition: $4.99


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Master or Servant, book 3

Master or Servant, book 3 by Joe Frazzette — Continuing Saga of Enlightenment and Intention

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