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What others are saying about fiction writer Joe Frazzette and his books.

DEADLY SLUMBER brings to light a new author with tremendous talent. A fast read, with a story you just can't put down until the gripping finish.


— Rena C. Winters, Author "Smurfs: The Inside Story of the Little Blue Characters"



MASTER OR SERVANT is an extraordinary tale by Joe Frazzette that is inspiring and uplifting.

For all ages, it will help to change your life.


— Rena C. Winters, Author "In Lieu of Therapy"



DEADLY SLUMBER is Joe Frazzette's first novel and it's a winner. One of the few books that when you start to read you just can't lay it down. High tension from start to finish!


— Robert M. Cawley, Author "Components of Murder"



DEADLY SLUMBER is an undeniably compelling read! It will capture you from intriguing start to the very intense ending!


— Matt Cusick


DEADLY SLUMBER provides the reader with wonderful build up throughout! A story that you won’t want to put down; and an ending that pivots at every turn and only stops leaving the reader wanting more...


— Josie Setimo


DEADLLY SLUMBER is a provocative mystery and a compelling read for those of you who want the unexpected in a story.


— Toby Poznanski, Author