December 12, 2019

It is vital to understand that true happiness and contentment are achieved in the process, or the action you take, and not solely at obtaining the results. For it is in the course of acting that you are what you actually want to be in this life. Think about that for a...

December 11, 2019

Every man’s potential is limited only by his lack of subconscious mastery. Through the use of hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion, people can control their appetite, go without sleeping, impact their production on the job, develop better memory or study habits, and gain g...

December 9, 2019

If someone told you that you could create a life of your dreams and imagination just by mastering the subconscious mind, would you believe him? Well I am here to tell you it is absolutely possible! Few people realize this, but through the mastery of the Hypnotic Formu...

December 8, 2019

Setting yourself up for a successful life is much easier than you may think. The first step is to get in the moment with conscious awareness. Start thinking consciously, rather than reacting unconsciously. The next step is simple. It’s nothing more than creating posit...

July 3, 2016

The Hypnotic Formula consists of these four simple steps. One step leads to the next and the command of all four steps will lead you to become master of your life. So I ask you; in what direction are you moving? If you don’t like the direction in which your life is mo...

July 1, 2016

What is the first thought you have in the morning? What is the first action you take when you awake? The answers to these two very simple questions are a good indicator of which direction your day will go. You see, our thoughts clearly guide us through our daily lives....

June 9, 2016

Three and half years had passed. David Christian’s business had grown. He and
Tina had experienced something as a couple that few individuals ever experience
in life. They were not just content to live their lives, but instead created a path for
themselves, to manifest...

June 7, 2015


With the new site launch comes all the fun stuff that goes along with it, like social media and such. I'm excited to share my new Facebook page with you here. Visit me when you get a chance at — Your "LIKES" are always appre...

May 8, 2015

I am excited to present my second novel, Master or Servant. This will be available soon via Amazon and available in e-book as well.

Below is an exerpt from the novel.

   As the crowd roared with applause one more time he gives them a big wave of his hand, he mouths anoth...

April 9, 2015

art: SPRING by A.D. Cook


Thank you to my good friend A.D. Cook for the use of his fine art to help depict a vision for my work below.


This is poem I wrote some time ago. I usually develop a vivid picture in my mind of the subject or character I am writing about. It's a...

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Action is Key to Success, never stop taking Action!

December 12, 2019

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